Ready for Aperitivo Italiano? Is time to spend time out and breath fresh sping air, enjoyng sun in good company. There is nothing better than a nice Apertivo italian style for a pic nic in the park or inviting friend in your back yard.


We offer you the best italian aperitivo in town without any effort on you. Just order, prepare a nice Negroni or Aperol spritz as you like, and go throught this taste jorney made by all fresh and hand made goods.


In the box:

- focaccia genovese

- fennel taralli

- grilled ve

- sun dried tomatoes

- charcuterie

- cheese selection

- nocellara olive



Aperitivo italiano

  • Focaccia Genovese: 0 flour - semolina - water - olive oil - brown sugar - salt - yeast

    Hand made fennel taralli : 00 flour - water - olive oil - fennel sead - 

    Grilled vegetable : aubergine - courgette - red pepper - garlic - mint - parlsley - olive oil - balsamic vinegar

    Sun dried tomatoes: sun dried - sun flower oil, vinegar, salt, garlic, paprika

    Nocellara green olive; green nocellara olive

    Charcuterie : parma ham - finocchiona salame - coppa

    Italian cheese selection; Gorgonzola - Pecorino - taleggio