Culurgiones is a pasta shape, which are related with ravioli, prepared by hand and filled with a simple but very tasty filling based on potatoes, pecorino, goat cheese, mint and garlic. Last twist is added by greated bottarga on top. Known as ‘Mediterranean caviar’, bottarga can be thought of as the truffle of the sea, as it is commonly grated over dishes, just like the fungus, adding its unique aroma and flavour to many recipes. The salted and cured fish roe was all but unheard of outside the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia until relatively recently, but is now becoming popular all over the world. The characteristic closure of the culurgionis is reminiscent of a sun-kissed ear and is made on purpose to retain the delicious filling that makes this pasta a true delicacy.


Culurgiones D'ogliastra with Bottarga

  • Gluten - Shelfish - Dairy




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