The origins of the recipe are ancient, traditionally and historically linked to Emilia-Romagna, Cappelletti, in the collective imagination still today associated with the figure of the Azdora, who was the one who once took care of the family and the house and prepared everything at home, having access to the secrets of the kitchen. The preparation generally took place in the evening, the whole family was involved closing cappelletti "one by one".

There are several recipes, we offer you a classic version with braised veal with soffritto with onions, celery, carrots and pancetta, then seasoned with parmesan, wrapped in a silky dough of egg pasta.


The perfect dish for these holidays, to pamper yourself and delight you and your loved ones


Veal Cappelletti with porcini mushroom sauce

  • Gluten - Eggs - Celery - sulphur dioxide




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